2011 MSR Asia Fellowship Winnerのご紹介(その2)

先日、2011年度のMSR Asia Fellowshipの受賞者、梅谷さんのご紹介をいたしましたが、今日はもう一人の昨年度の受賞者のご紹介をいたします。早稲田大学のYefeng Liuさんをご紹介いたします。今年のFellowshipの締め切りにはまだ時間があります。参考にしてください。



– Affiliation, grade, your lab in Japan

I`m 2nd year PhD student at Distributed and Ubiquitous Computing Lab, Waseda University. My supervisor is Prof. Tatsuo Nakajima.


– The theme of your research (Doctor/Master thesis)

My research theme is centered around Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), specifically Crowd & Social Computing Systems (e.g., Crowdsourcing). My PhD thesis is about how to utilize the power of existing social networks to build large-scale free crowd-sourcing platform.


– How did you know about the fellowship?

My supervisor introduced the MSRA fellowship program to lab members.


– What did you feel for preparing applications and interview?

The application process is quite unique and challenge, especially the presentation with audio and slides. But the whole process was very well organized.


– What do you spend your award for?

I haven`t decided yet, probably get some new research assets or attend international conferences.


– Motivation to come to MSR

MSR is definitely one of the best industry Computer Science research labs. CS is a applied science, it is important and helpful for me to have a chance to think CS research from an industry point-of-view.


– What are pros of working in MSR

1. Work on product-oriented projects, which has different goals from pure academic projects.

2. Besides publication and patent, it is super exciting that your result could have the potential to impact real Microsoft products with hundreds of million users.

3. Work with excellent researchers in my domain.

4. Meet other great junior researchers from all over the world, some of them are from world`s top universities such as CMU, MIT, Cambridge, etc.

5. Good opportunity to have top-tiar publications.

6. Experience the capital of the fastest growing nation, and one of the hottest information technology hub in Asia.

7. Looks great in your resume 🙂

8. Another special benefit in HCI group, CS researchers can work closely with designers in the projects, which is rarely happened in my home university.


– What are cons of MSR

1. Your mentor may set you a very high goal, which makes you quite busy.

2. As a foreigner, you might need some time to get used to the local food.

3. Transportation system in Beijing is definitely a pain.


– How fun is your BJ life

Well, I`m from China so no comment on this for foreign student. But I do enjoy my time here. 🙂


– The message to people who hesitate to go abroad to join internship

1. MSRA is definitely one of the best place for CS graduated students` internship , no matter you consider an academic or industry career path for your future.

2. International experiences is important. In many cases, we need to deal with costumers, partners, or users from the different countries, with different cultures, use different languages. Overseas experiences help us to better understand them, then better communicate with them. Besides, China is becoming one of the biggest market for International brands, it`s worth going there and have a deeper insight for yourself.


Thank you, Yefeng!




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