MSR Intern Beijing(滞在中)のご紹介(第21回)

Microsoft Researchインターンのご紹介。第21回は、北京のラボに滞在中、東京大学のAdiyan Mujibiyaさんです。Adiyanさんは前回の金さんと同じく、昨年度のFellowshipを受賞され、その特典として北京のラボのHCIグループに6月からインターンに来られています。




東京大学大学院 学際情報学府 暦本純一研究室 博士2年 (The University of Tokyo, GSII, Applied Computer Science Course, Jun Rekimoto Lab, 2nd year Ph.D. candidate)


Broadly stated, exploration on sensing methods towards interactivity on arbitrary surfaces, spaces, objects, and human body.


Love at the first sight for wonderful researches conducted in Microsoft Research (MSR), with tons of awesome techies. And experience during the fellowship interview with Desney Tan which leads to a blasting fun brainstorming session; left me wanting for more.


To learn how to conduct productive research. Make lots of friends and connections, while simultaneously gain opportunities for future step-ups. And to publish paper in top-tier HCI conferences.


Explorations on sensing methods for super-cool intuitive interactions (this is as far as I can disclose 🙂 ).



Free yogurt, latte, milo, massage chair, and so much more. Obviously environment and people are very different. In here, most of the times I have nothing better to do than stay longer in the Lab and do research. Which is good in term of self-focus and effectiveness.


I get to talk, discuss, and collaborate with researchers in MSR network. Those names I frequently mentioned in "Related Work" sections of my papers. The ones that goes in to category of "heroes" in my dictionary, or stays in special section on my Google+ circle or Facebook. And they are surprisingly very fun and easy to talk to!

Seeing in person how they manage lots of projects with broad and deep knowledge is indeed an awesome experience. I am learning a lot!


I don’t have my adviser here 🙂

Other than that are considerably non-issue.


I landed in pretty harsh, with rough accommodation starts. It got better after a few weeks, and with supports from my friends things gone a lot smoother. Very little English I can find outside MSR, but gestures and Japanese characters help sometimes. Weekends are great opportunities to roam around the great city of Beijing, taking my hobby of street photography in a whole another level of variety.


How the research is being conducted here is pretty much varies from groups, even mentors. I’d better go check and do some info gathering before deciding anything. But again, if you have time to dispose for thinking to-go-or-not-to-go, I’d say, you better go and find out for yourself.


Communications of ideas and implementations are very critical for research we are conducting here. We may get away with minimal communication, but to leverage more quality time in our internship, it is indeed pretty crucial.


Thanks, Adiyan!



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