MSR Intern Beijing(滞在中)のご紹介(第20回)

Microsoft Researchインターンのご紹介。第20回は、北京のラボに滞在中、筑波大学の金石煥さん、韓国からの留学生です。金さんは昨年度のFellowshipを受賞され、その特典として北京のラボのHCIグループに6月からインターンに来られています。



3rd year for Phd course. Tanaka lab (IPLAB), Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Tsukuba,


I think it would one of two promising topics.

1. Device free interaction in ubiquitous environment.

2. Supportive system for ubiquitous environment.


Microsoft research is the one of dreaming space for students pursuing a job in academic field. MS research has published awesome papers for top tier conference every year over the whole fields in computer science. For me, just watching highly competitive researchers and learning their research working habit and mimicking it and many mores could be first purpose for this internship. Plus, having connections to those awesome researchers and also super-interns around me also can be second purpose.


I’m sorry, Xiang asked me not to reveal current project in public. If you want to know it privately, it will be possible. Conference will be one of CHI or SIGGRAPH Emerging Technology.


I can say it is intensiveness. Actually, research itself is very similar as I did in university. But, I can say I do it more intensively. I don’t know why it happens. It could be because of atmosphere or my different attitude. Surely, I feel more tension because I surely want to finalize and make remarkable result in short-term and normally it is difficult make it in short time. I think that makes me study it more intensively. On contrary, in university, I feel more comfortable and have more freedom. Surely, both have advantage and disadvantage and taking advantages from both sides would be better, definitely.


In here, all people around me is super except me.  That is really encouraging me to focus on work more. Also, seeing their work and idea are very enjoyable.


Beijing is very dynamic city it really changes at every moment. I didn’t feel any inconvenience in daily life (because I was at the office for almost every time) But, sense of public order would be problematic. (Ignoring traffic light, getting off and getting in subway / bus in turn…) Food is excellent; you can find many delicious places around MSRA dstrict.


I can say definitely having internship here will be awesome experience. Just working with top researchers, don’t you wanna have that experience? I think you will say “yes” but,,, something… ..A, B, C, D, E….. Then, I can say one thing. Yes. That’s right. You might be very poor student and you will have bunch of troubles in here. ( me either)

However, you should know that your success makes happy all people in here. UR manager, Kuno san, and your mentor everyone really hope to make success in project and have very nice time in here. That means they are already ready to help you. Then, you don’t need to worry about other matters because you already have very powerful supporters.  (Kuno san, I believe you’re very eager to help all internship students.) Please try it.


Many Asian students would have trouble in communication (E.g. English). Actually, I also have such troubles in the beginning and sometime I couldn’t catch my mentor’s words well. After several days in here, I tried t  find the way to improve such communication. Then, I started to summarize all chat whenever I have it with my mentor. And, I asked him to check it. Then we can reduce the possibility of miss-communication. It means English itself cannot not be barrier for research and it is just communication tool and there are bunch of supportive tools for that purpose. (this document is also one kind of that) So, please don’t feel fear for English.

Not only for communication problem, If you have trouble related different matters, then you can find way to solve it. I think this is very basic and necessary attitude for researcher and I think I learned it in here through having communication problem.


Seokhwan, thank you so much.



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