Dr. Frank SoongとDr. Lijuan Wangの講演会のお知らせ

この度、東京大学の嵯峨山先生にホストになっていただき、MSRAのスピーチグループの研究者が東京大学で講演を行うことになりました。紹介するTalking HeadはMSRの中でも非常に注目度の高いプロジェクトです。MSRにご興味のあるかたは是非ご参加ください。



■■■ 講演会のお知らせ ■■■

onsei-mail の皆様、東京大学の嵯峨山です。来週の水曜日に、北京のマイクロソフトの研究者を迎えて、近年のコンテストで優勝した擬人化エージェントと、そこで使われた興味深い汎用のアプローチに関する、以下の講演会を行います。どなたでもご自由に無料で参加できます。ご参加を歓迎致します。

日時: 2011年7月6日(水) 13:00-15:00 (質疑応答・議論を含む)

場所: 東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部6号館3階 セミナー室A&D

講演者: Dr. Frank Soong, Dr. Lijuan Wang (Microsoft Research Asia)


(1) Short Introduction to the Speech Group of Microsoft Research Asia

by Dr. Frank Soong (Microsoft Research Asia)

(2) A Photo-Realistic Talking Head

by Dr. Lijuan Wang (Microsoft Research Asia)

Abstract: Talking head has many human-machine interface applications, e.g. reading emails, news or eBooks, acting as an intelligent voice agent or a computer assisted language teacher, etc. A lively, lip sync, photo-realistic talking head can make such an interface more engaging and attention catching. Our photo-realistic talking head consists of two, training and synthesis, parts. In training, an audio/visual database is used to train a statistical Hidden Markov Model (HMM). In synthesis, trained HMM is used to generate (synthesize) a succinct mouth sequence from given natural or Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesized speech and the mouth sequence is then stitched back to a background head video. In addition to generating realistic articulator movements, the talking head is also learning natural facial expressions. Our talking head took part in the LIPS2009 Challenge contest in the AVSP (Audio-Visual Speech Processing) workshop and won the 1st place in the Audio-Visual match evaluated by many subjects. Moreover, the proposed data-driven statistical modeling and real sample rendering approach can be applied to solve other problems too. We will briefly report our attempt on speech-to-lips conversion and text-to-articulator synthesis. Lastly, we will present our recent progress on extending the current 2D photo-realistic talking head to 3D.

問い合わせ先: 嵯峨山茂樹 sagayama@hil.t.u-tokyuo.ac.jp




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