MSR Intern Beijing(滞在中)のご紹介(第15回)

Microsoft Researchインターンのご紹介。第15回は、北京のラボに滞在中、国立情報学研究所(総研大)の Diego Thomasさん(杉本晃宏研究室、博士課程)からのエッセイです。彼はフランスからの留学生です。


My name is Diego Thomas, I am a French student doing my PhD in Tokyo, at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Prof. Sugimoto’s lab. My research theme is the 3D registration of range images, and I am now in the third year of my PhD.

In last December, Prof. Matsushita from MSRA gave a lecture at NII and I had the opportunity to discuss with him about my research. It appeared that we have the same research interests and after our discussion, Prof. Sugimoto proposed me to do an internship at MSRA. Given the number of world experts at MSRA and the good working conditions, I did not hesitate. I sent my resume to prof. Matsushita and we set up dates for my internship. I started my internship the 11th of April.

I arrived at MSRA in Beijing one week after the company moved out to a brand new building and I have been there for almost one month now. Working in MSRA is very interesting for me in that I can work with the latest technology, I can talk directly with experts about the problems I encounter and meet tons of excellent researchers. The environment here is very similar to the one I experienced in Tokyo at the NII, though being in a private company. The research center is organized into groups with a mentor and several students. I can regularly meet my mentor to discuss about my ongoing research and decide future directions.

Though I could not speak a word of Chinese when I arrived, finding my marks in Beijing was not difficult. Microsoft provides a room for your staying and the hotel staff will take care of you for administrative tasks like visa applications and residence permit. Moreover, there are many interns in MSRA that are eager to help you with any problems you encounter. The environment is very friendly and it is a good opportunity to make new friends. It is also possible to attend Chinese lessons at MSRA, which will help you for the daily life. At the same time, Beijing is a city of deep and rich history with a lot of beautiful places to see and tasty food to experience.

To put it in a nutshell, a few months internship at MSRA is a wonderful experience both for your study and your personal life.


Diego Thomas

May 13, 2011

Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing



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