MSR Intern Beijing(滞在中)のご紹介(第14回)

Microsoft Researchインターンのご紹介。第14回は、北京のラボに滞在中、東京大学の



“The Great Hall of the People”


My name is Shuai Han, a Chinese student studying in Sato Lab, The University of Tokyo. Now, I am a 3rd year PhD student  working on low level vision problems.

This Feb, my advisor, Pro. Yoichi Sato and another two professors, Pro. Imari Sato and Pro Takahiro Okabe asked me am I willing to continue my work at MSR Asia as an intern. Considering so many famous researchers were working there, learning from them would be a good experience, I sent my resume to Dr. Yasuyuki Matsushita and start my journey to MSRA.

I start my internship from April 6th. Until now, I have worked in MSRA for 2 weeks, and I have not known here well. I am thinking about writing another essay when I finished my internship. So I will talk about my experience in these 2 weeks.

Though Microsoft is an IT company, Microsoft Research is quite similar to universities. Many works here would appear on academic conferences and journals rather than adopted by MS products. We can see that researches talking with their interns about algorithms, experiments and paper writing. Interns are also talk about their work with each other. MSRA located in Beijing, so most interns and researcher are Chinese. Though all of them can speak English, few of them speaks Japanese. Working here, English and some Chinese words are required. If you have any plan come to MSRA, you can learn Chinese by yourselves before your departure. When you arrived in Beijing, you can ask your mentor for help when you meet problems. Sometimes you need to contact staff of the company, in such a case, you would better ask a Chinese intern to help and keep contacting the staff in charge until problem fixed

Beijing is the capital of Chinese for hundreds of years, a lot of place are worth seeing. Last weekend, two Japanese interns and one French intern went to Great Wall together. I also recommend Forbidden City and Summer Palace. If you want to see a modern Beijing, HouHai is an good option. Besides, you can eat all different kinds of food all over the world in Beijing. Compare with Japan, price is pretty fair. The only thing you need to worry about is that you may gain weight.

Now, as far as I know, there are only 2 or 3 Japanese students working in MSRA.   I want to welcome more Japanese students to visit here. Working here for a few month would help you know MSRA and China better.


Building: No.1 building. No.2 building looks the same.



Skygarden: You can enjoy sunshine just by stepping out from the working space.


Shuai Han

April 21, 2011

MSRA, Beijing



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